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Dance Association Warmups - style and size information for 17 October meeting

Picking up where Laura got us to last year, the warmups that we propose to purchase come from Augusta sportswear and will have the Association logo on the jacket and the Highland Dance logo on the leg of the pants done at the textile shop of the USDB.  These will be very similar to the set Emma has been wearing this year and will be at the 17 October meeting. 


They are the black Ladies Freedom Jacket in a 90% polyester/10% spandex material with your choice of 3 pant styles:  standard, wide waistband or leggings.  The logo is blue , outlined in white, centered on the back.  The Highland dance logo runs down the left leg in a blue, white and black tartan.


There will be a white stripe on the shoulder and on the side seam - couldn't get a solid black with pockets this year in this brand but this style comes is sizes from child's small to ladies 2XL which others didn't.  These alsohave a thumb hole in the sleeve.


Estimated price right now is $85 per set but will go up or down according to number, especially of pants.  The break points for each item are 12 (waives set up $10 charge and $1 reduction) and 50 (additional $1 reduction).


The items we would order are:

Freedom Jacket - Ladies 4810 or Girls 4811 Click for image/sizes or scroll below example logo


Poly/Spandex Pant - Ladies 728 or Grils 729  Click for image/sizes  or scroll below example logo


Wide Waist Poly/Spandex Pant - Ladies 2400 or Girls 2401  Click for image/sizes  or scroll below example logo



Brushed Back Legging - Ladies - 4820 or Girls 482  Click for image/sizes  or scroll below example logo


I don't think the "girls" jacket is cut differently than a "youth", but if it is a concern, there is a "Youth" Medalist jacket (#4391) in 100% Poly Brushed Tricot that also has "Adult" (#4390) sizes vs "Ladies" cut.  For the 1 or 2 dancers that might opt for that the above pants shouldn't clash.   Dance Dads could opt for this as well.


Sizing:  Generally Girls/Youth are XS, S, M and L; Ladies are S, M, L, XL, 2XL -